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Unique Flintstone House in Malibu California


Perhaps you have imagined living in an exceedingly cavernous home such as the ones throughout the Stone Age? People in which era would dwell either inside a rock home or inside a cave. This really is what you‘ll see inside the famous cartoon sitcom, The Flintstone House. The sitcom is really a humorous story of Fred and his family living inside a Stone Age method of life. Additionally shows different adventures with his best friend Barney Rubbles. Well, you wouldn’t barter living inside a rock house that using the comfort with your current home. But you may alter mind after seeing this Malibu Romantic Flintstones Retreat House owned by American television and radio legend, Dick Clark. This house sits on the 23 acres lot in Malibu giving one a 360 degree view of mountains, seas and cityscapes.

This home would actually make you say “Yabaa-Dabba-Doo” like the well-known expression of Fred Flintstone. You might have those feelings from being a modern day Fred using the aura and design of the house. One view it would actually make you think that it‘s a massive structure though it‘s actually built using light materials combined with concrete. The inner walls are made of wood as the ceilings used steel beams covered with concrete to obtain that rock-like appearance. It‘s one bedroom and two bathrooms that both made use of modern appliances despite retaining a pre-historic look. The interior design from the house used irregular shapes and stone colors. As the exterior really appeared as if real rock especially that real stones where integrated towards the concrete and scrubbed to expose it.

The house came from the thought of Architect Phillip Jon Brown who suggested to produce a house that looked as a rock formation since It‘s situated next towards the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area. The thought was then made real using this home. Aside from its impressive design, this home also offers a breathtaking view from the Pacific Ocean, Boney Mountains and Los Angeles. You will adore the place for it is just like a secluded retreat directly in the center of nature’s gift of beauty, peace and serenity. For sure, you‘re wanting to have a tour from the Flintstone House of Dick Clark. Scroll down and check out the various views from the house.