Unique Bathroom Designs by Semsa Bilge and Daymon Studio

Looking to feature modernity, slightly of color and quirkiness within your bathroom? Perhaps you ought to take some cues from Polish designers Daymon Studio and Turkish designer, Semsa Bilge’s bathroom designs incorporate vibrant color and graphic prints that seem to leap from the walls. The colour combinations during this bathroom are striking, particularly the graphic prints that line the walls and also the wonderful purple sink.

Perhaps my personal favorite from the whole bunch, Bilge incorporates Japanese Edo artist Hokusai’s famous woodblock print of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” upon the wall of the edgy bathroom. She maintains a similar woodblock print look through the use of tiny, square tiles and keeps the remainder of the bathroom inside the same theme by lining all the walls with a similar tiles in blue and black and engraving waves down the edge from the tub.

Bilge adds vibrant plaid graphic prints towards the walls of the bathroom for any truly unique design concept. Daymon Studio likes to make colorful, clean designs with lots of charm and personality. Daymon created this 3D-design like a concept for any smaller bathroom. Lovely large, beige tiles line the walls and smaller, square brown ones encase the rectangular tub. An easy mirror hangs upon the wall and also a wood sink offers an all-natural touch. Pops of color inside the towel, vase, and floor mat add a cheerful vibe towards the small space.

Here they produce a bathroom during which one wall and also the floor are covered in brown tiles, while another wall and ceiling are simply cream-colored. This choice makes the space exciting by breaking traditional design rules, while also compromising two different tastes, which consequently, helps make the space equally luxurious and cozy.