Traditional and Modern Materials Bathrooms from Neutra

NEUTRA is an original collection of bathroom furnishings and fittings whose harmony of shapes and spontaneity of materials reconcile the body and mind to the most authentic rhythms of life. Stone is at the center of everything. This primitive element narrates the events of nature and humankind’s ability to mold absolute forms of rigorous, essential geometry.
Sinks, tubs, shower floors and shelving all manifest conteporary design, the tiles vaunt refined textures, and the design accessories are carved from woods. These are the resilt of an inspired dialogue between natural materials and evolved technologies, between a diffuse appeal to the senses and modern functionality. Every product is carved from a unique block of natural stone. By: neutradesign

These bathroom designs by Neutra are pretty inspiring as they simply give us a stylish perspective upon the fusion of traditional and modern materials