Tips to Plant a Climbing Rose

Climbing roses make an elegant, beautiful covering for nearly any horizontal or vertical structure. Technically speaking, climbing roses are not a specific rose breed. The term includes any rose variety that grows until a large, sprawling bush. Climbing roses are large shrubs that will grow out of control if left alone, but by training them along a trellis, you can get them to “climb” in an orderly fashion.

1. Plant the roses in spring. Planting the climbing roses earlier in the season gives them ample opportunity to establish a sturdy root system before winter. You can technically plant them in the early fall, as well, but roses planted in the fall may not be as strong the following season.

2 Choose an appropriate location. Roses generally prefer full sun, so the spot you plant them in should receive an average of at least six hours of sun per day. A spot that receives early morning sun from the east is generally better than one that gets hot afternoon sun from the west.
Choose a spot with plenty of space. Climbing roses tend to overtake the space that they grow in, so they should be positioned away from trees, shrubs, and other plants.