Tips to Fill Built-In Planter

But it might be somewhat tricky to find out which plants will grow nicely and look good in what are giant containers. In the event you’re looking for inspiration for your built-in planter, take a peek at these 12 planting styles in gardens ranging from contemporary to traditional.

1. Contemporary. To supply a more modern appearance to built-in container plantings, it is possible to limit the color colour and plant forms. You’ll observe that all the crops — keep the seed in the large wooden planter — are low-growing, emerald green earth covers, along with the only height variation coming from the planters. This restraint in color and altitude brings a modern edge to the design and focuses all the focus on the plants’ textures. The delicate, moss-like carpet of zoysia grass underneath the olive tree seems almost irresistible to touch.

2. Carefree. Including plants using loose kinds, like billowing blossoms and vines, in built-in planters creates a more carefree feel.