Tips Installing Walk-In Shower and 20+ Walk-In Shower Ideas with Bench

Tips Installing Walk-In Shower and 30+ Walk-In Shower Ideas with Bench

Walk-in showers are designed to allow you to enter the shower without having to take off your shoes. These enclosures are typically enclosed and self-contained. A shower installed above a bathtub would obviously not be termed a walk-in shower, nor would a shower in a wet room. Because they are a single self-contained unit, they normally leave a lot less water on the bathroom floor, allowing your bathroom to stay cleaner for longer.

Designing walk-in showers can really get your creative juices flowing. Here are a few simple design concepts that you might be able to execute, and while each design may be pretty pricey to install, you can often find less expensive alternatives.

For small bathrooms, a corner shower is ideal. There are many low-cost corner shower kits on the market that you may even install yourself if the plumbing is already in place. You should definitely go for a sliding shower door for this style.

Chevron Pattern Gray White Porcelain Tile Taupe Cabinet Quartz Countertop Rain Shower Head Zig Zag D
Credit | Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

Incorporate a bench into your shower. When built just beneath your shower head, this is very relaxing. Treat yourself to a luxurious shower by installing a massaging shower head with numerous settings.

Make a retro statement. Install an antique-style hand-held shower head and a little triangular bench to store shower and bathing accessories in the corner. Re-tile the walls with white tiles of various sizes, huge tiles on the upper area and little tiles on the lower section, filled with black grout for a unique impression.

Make a shower with no doors. Install your shower panel in the bathroom’s corner and separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom with one clear Plexiglas panel that runs from ceiling to floor to one side.

Large Format Trendy Dark Porcelain Tile Marble Floor Countertop Toilet
Credit: Tekne Development, Inc

As you can see, there are numerous options for making walk-in showers both useful and distinctive. A bathroom may become one of the best designed rooms in your home with a little thought and ingenuity.

Installing Walk in Showers

The following are some suggestions for making your own walk-in shower.

Shower in the Bathroom That Feels Like a Spa

Spa bathroom showers are perfect for unwinding. Many people will pay for just a few minutes in a spa. It is possible to have it in your own home. The walk-in showers are completely encased in clear glass. They have various body sprays as well as a limestone bench.

Large Format Floor Tile Undermount Bath Tub Mosaic Tiles Ottoman
Photo by: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Most shower spas also have huge windows that let in plenty of natural light. Mounted baskets and a wall niche are two frequent accessories. These can be used to store a variety of pampering goods.

Shower that is both little and elegant

Although this shower is modest, it is more than capable of competing with its larger counterparts. There are normally three showerheads in this type of shower: a standard showerhead, a handheld unit, and a rain showerhead. All three are crammed into a small space.

walk in shower with bench Matchstick Black_ceramic Tile White Cabinet Miter Edge Quartz Countertop Gold Hardware
Photo by: Four Brothers Design + Build

They also contain a thermostatic valve that regulates the temperature of the rain showerhead and handheld device. Blue and white are the greatest tile colors for this sort of shower. Both color palettes create a sense of calm that works well with any color in the bathroom. Silver accents and white moldings can be used to bring elegance to the bathroom.

Shower in a corner

This shower is distinguished by its clear glass door and beautifully placed frosted windows. This usually includes a niche made just for toiletries, privacy curtains, and a built-in bench.

This style of bathroom space is ideal for small bathrooms. This shower is situated in the corner to make the most of the little space available. Cream is the perfect tile color for this sort of bathroom. This bathroom, when paired with curtains, may provide a relaxing atmosphere like to that of a spa.

walk in shower with bench corner Gray Mosaic Tile Floor Shaker Cabinet Counters
Photo by: Carmel Building & Design

The showers mentioned above are only a few of the many options for styles and themes. Feel the ambiance the next time you visit a spa or a hotel, and consider how you may duplicate it in your own house.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Ideas

Walk-in Showers with Bench Flat Panel Cabinet Integrated Sink Large Format Porcelain Hinged Shower Floor
Photo by: Flavin Architects

A hip ceiling covers the walking shower in this modern small bathroom design. Large format porcelain tiles adorn the ceilings, walls, and flooring throughout the space. The various tones of gray are captivating.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Gray Ceramic Wall Tiles Hinged Shower Door Cream Floor
Photo by: Freestyle Interiors

Contemporary two-tone master bath shower designs with walk-in showers, plenty of windows and glass enclosure, and large format porcelain tile floor with pleasant-looking white subway tiles.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Large Green Tile Quartz Shower Seat Hinged Door
Photo by: Flavin Architects

Allow nature to into your bathroom. Porcelain tiles in large formats resemble sea foams on a sandy beach. A steam shower can be used as a walk-in shower or as a natural shower… Bathroom design that is light and airy.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Large Grey Floor Shaker Cabinet Quartz Counters Hinged Shower Door
Photo by: Infinite Home

Gray distressed effect big format porcelain tiles and gray veined marble subway backsplash tiles create a transitional gray shower decor. Those tiles cover the shower walls and ceiling, and the large glass door enclosure adds to the elegance. The shower bench nook is virtually imperceptible, but it serves its purpose.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Multicolored Arabesque Floor Tiles Medium Tone Wood Furniture Like Cabinet Subway Wall Niche Marble
Photo by Florida Fine Properties

Beautiful Mediterranean-inspired bathroom design Design of the bathroom: Three-dimensional subway tiles cover the shower walls, and the shower design includes a shower seat nook, marble mosaic tiles for the flooring, glass doors, and marble mosaic tiles for the inlet. Moroccan tiles fill the bathroom floor. The vintage effect is enhanced by the open shelf distressed wood vanity.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Natural Stone Marble Shower Wall Glass Enclosure
Photo by: Aria Homes, Inc

Who doesn’t want a piece of natural art on their shower wall? In this light and airy modern shower design, a granite slab is in the center and is covered by the glass enclosure. A steam shower and a sunken tub are waiting for you behind the glass doors.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Quartz Walls Bench Gray White Mix Floor Tiles Freestanding Bath Tub
Photo by: Trinity Builders & Design, Inc

A modern walk-in shower with a sturdy glass door, a carefully chosen shower enclosure, and a quartz pillar. Pillar can also be used as a towel cabinet with open shelves. The woven shower floors and walls are coated in three-dimensional black porcelain tiles, and the quartz stone seat is such a beautiful concept to combine with the marble basket.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Vessel Sink Recycled Glass Countertop Stone Tile Marble Floor Flat Panel Cabinetry
Photo by: Phil Kline – General Contractor

Inside the walk-in shower ideas, square marble tile and mosaic backsplash borders complement each other, while a floating vanity contrasts with brown tiny square flooring. For bathroom makeover, the colors are properly harmonized.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Yellow White Grey Mixed Tiles Motif Floor Marble Countertop
Photo by: Julie Laughton Design Build

Traditional bathroom design features a light and open walk-in shower, glass doors, marble subway tile walls, and mosaic shower flooring. The shampoo intake and small shower seat nook compliment the shower design.

Walk-in Showers with Bench Rustic Stone Large Format Marble Floor Tile White Cabinet Shower Doors
Photo by: Glass Construction

This bathroom reminds me of Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionism. In this modern bathroom design, his “Lucifer” comes to life. Art lovers will appreciate your refined taste. I was simply curious if the walk-in shower’s invisible wall has a full high backsplash of “Lucifer”.