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New Design Architecture and Interior from Xoio


This post includes gorgeous and really interesting bits of design and architecture which have been designed by Xoio team, a Berlin based company Xoio, and that is knowledgeable supplier upon the German marketplace for creative 3D images and animations.

A beautiful representation of modern architecture, it’s about the mixture of white and glass directly in the middle from the green nature. A contemporary architecture with curved walls and lateral glass walls, inspired by the thought of living a holiday cruise. Within this stunning landscape, the house is located on the sloping site that results in a beautiful lake.

Now, talking about the interior design, the living room seems just a little cold but luckily it uses splashes of vibrant color and modern elements, to produce a welcoming place. The office space is very large and uses white everywhere, including for the shag carpet.

A bedroom inspired by nature, having a green mossy headboard surrounded by a powerful block structure and a really modern typographical rug and an elegant chandelier. The living room is modern and uses an easy mixture of classic black, white and brown palette that creates a timeless backdrop towards the industrial accents. The kitchen uses some warm nuances of orange and brown, a modern aesthetic with white cabinetry.