Home Bathroom Modern Bathtubs by BluBleu

Modern Bathtubs by BluBleu


Have a stylish statement with your bath with one of these colored bathtubs by Blubleu. This Italian company designed the Lucky Color bathtubs inside a rainbow of hues, starting from vibrant reds and oranges, to pale pink, true turquoise, purples, yellows, greens, blues – you name it, they‘ve it – in glossy or matte finishes. These bathtubs include a number of options like outlets ; air jets ; a water heater ; the Ozone and Lymph Drainage systems which promote circulation and well-being ; and also a chromotherapy feature which includes blue-green-violet tints for relaxation, yellow-red for stimulation, and green-yellow-orange for harmonization. Both inside and out, the Lucky Color bathtubs are hued to help you get inside the mood, transforming an easy bath into a shocking spa experience right in your residence. Take a look at these colored bathtubs at Blubleu.

The Italian company BluBleu has designed luxury bathtubs design with colorful choice. These beautiful bathtubs possess a spot to rest head and was designed to become very comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable.

Vividly colored and sporting headrests, incidents where have storage solutions built into them. If you‘re attempting to find some inspirational bathtubs for the bathroom, we invite one to check the images below.