How to Store Towel Cubbies and Toilet Paper Bathroom

Will be your bathroom not providing you with the required storage you‘ll need? The following pointers can help you get creative with where to stay your towels and toiletries.

Call them the twin conundrums of bathroom storage. Relatively bulky, utilitarian, yet essential to possess in the ready, towels and toilet paper can pose challenging for style-conscious bathrooms — especially in case you don’t possess a linen closet. The very best strategy? Get creative with containers and unexpected uses of space with one of these seven tips.

Small furniture piece. Whether it’s an easy wall-mounted bookshelf or an antique pie safe, a freestanding section of furniture makes a charming spot to stash towels, TP along with other flotsam. To avoid moisture buildup, choose one which enables for adequate ventilation (read : no airtight chests ).

Open or skirted sink. The area beneath an open sink is sometimes wasted space. Place it to labor by adding cubbies or containers, built-in or freestanding, to carry neatly stacked supplies. If you’d rather not have them on display, consider attaching a fabric skirt towards the sink with hook-and-loop tape.

Portable basket or tub. What could possibly be easier than arranging neatly rolled towels or stacking extra toilet tissue inside a pretty container? Get creative — large urns, planters, locker bins, bushels, along with other receptacles work just along with woven baskets. Simply choose one whose size and magnificence are compatible within your space.

High perimeter shelf. The 18 inches or so beneath most bathroom ceilings is prime real estate for storage. Install an easy shelf that runs the perimeter of the space, and utilize it like a place to stay basic bathroom gear. Roll or stack towels and TP neatly for graphic appeal.

Corner Towel cubbies. Got an odd niche amongst your sink vanity and also the wall? Change it into your slim cabinet, just wide enough for any row of toilet paper rolls or towels. Add a door to hide it or leave it open for simple access.

Wine rack. It might sound odd, but a wine rack is perfect for corralling rolled-up towels. A built-in style with crisscross cubbies (the type often seen in kitchens ) looks especially tailored, though a freestanding or wall-mounted model works too. Just select a style and finish that complement your bathroom fixtures.

Hanging baskets. When you have an empty corner, a hanging wire vegetable basket is really a terrific solution for towel and paper storage. Need a more modern look? Turn wire or wicker baskets on the sides and anchor the bottoms towards the wall, making a grid of de facto shelves.