How to Restore the Shine of Metal Using Rub N Buff

How to Restore the Shine of Metal Using Rub N Buff

Have you ever longed to give your metal things a new look or create a gleaming metal effect? Now you may with the aid of Rub N Buff, a well-known waxy substance.

What is Rub N Buff?

RNB is a basic metallic wax that gives metal a buffered appearance. This sticky substance adheres to the object’s surface and is durable. If it fades, simply reapply.

RNB contains carnauba wax, colors, and tiny metallic particles. A metallic sheen on tarnished items like ornate candle holders and other antique pieces is a common DIY, craft, and design substance. RNB is readily accessible online and at hobby shops.

Its 12 hues make it unique. You may paint or metallic finish any hardware, furniture, or ornamental item you like. This product is beautiful since it can be used on glass, plastic, wood, surface, and painted surfaces. It also works well on ornamental metal things.

Rub N Buff can restore the shine to doorknobs, wardrobe handles, and other carved items.

RNB is tough. After drying, the buffered item can last for years. An acrylic-based sealer is usually used after application to give further protection. The buffered item should not fade or wear away if properly cared for and not exposed to dampness. If there are indications of wear, simply apply a new coat to restore a fresh look.

Although long-lasting, Rub N Buff is not permanent. The removal process requires a lot of physical work and time. A little dishwashing soap can do the trick if you unintentionally spill it on your clothes or carpet.

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How to Use Rub n Buff on Metal

Make sure any metal surface is clean and free of dirt or grease before applying RNB. Clean the metal with rubbing alcohol before lightly sanding it. This will improve adherence.

Now it’s time to pick a color. We love old white and silver leaves. There are view colors to choose from. These:

  • Antique gold
  • Grecian gold
  • Autumn gold
  • Spanish copper
  • Gold leaf
  • Silver leaf
  • Patina
  • European gold
  • Ruby
  • Antique white
  • Pewter
  • Ebony

After deciding on the color you want to buff your metal object, continue on to the following stage. Apply the material to the metal surface using your finger. If you don’t want to use your finger, wrap it with a soft cloth or latex gloves and squeeze the paste this onto gloved finger. Wear gloves or wash your hands with mineral spirit or dishwashing soap to avoid staining your fingers.

Apply the wax paste in a circular motion with your finger on the metal item. Buff using a soft cloth in circular movements. It may take several layers of paste to reach the desired color.

Drying Time

RNB is a wax and color powder blend that dries rapidly. Start with a tiny quantity and add more as needed. Apply in tiny circular layers since this product is concentrated.

Wait 2 minutes after application to assess if the finish is thick enough. If not, reapply another layer and let dry for 30 minutes before buffing with a soft cloth.

Accidental spills may be wiped clean with a clean cloth. Be cautious to clean up spills quickly before the paste dries. If not, use paint thinner to wipe it.

Can I use Rub N Buff over paint?

Yes. Any dry, clean, painted surface may be given a metallic shine with this unique wax and pigment combination.

Rub N Buff Over Paint

Yes. This waxy paste is long-lasting. It works on pottery, glass, wood, brass, and many other surfaces. If your metal object has been scraped by another hard surface, use Rub N Buff to restore it. Scuff the surface with a sanding block for greater adherence.

Is Rub N Buff Safe on Metal?

Can you paint over RNB? Paint can be done with a paint or a After using the Rub N Buff paste, lightly sand the surface with an abrasive block to improve paint adhesion. Let the paste dry for 45 minutes before painting over it. This will smooth the surface.