Gorgeous Marble Mansion with L-Shaped Design

Located in New Mexico, Country Club Residence sits heavily by itself private golf. Heavily because this type of modern mansion overlooks the surroundings having a bold attitude claimed from the tough marble designed to cover itself, the bold angles and height of which it resides.

We prefer to call it a fantasy home with perspective, the Marble Mansion with L-Shaped Design, common shape for such mansions, is designed here to purchase the light and ambiance of the south orientation, giving the inner home warmth and animating the interiors with the huge glazed windows with shadows and light.

The interior is luxurious and glossy and it also means that the client has pretentious design tastes. The space is breezy, inspiring lightness and transparence. In defining the L-shaped house, glass and wood happen to be used as main materials. Lots of modern elements of design, such like the distinctive illumination systems as well as Earth colours, connect the inhabitant using the natural ambient. A smooth transition from the surface to the within is made through giant sliding doors and windows. The terrace floor sneaks inside, learning to be a section of the interior’s design plan. There’s little question the sunlight has an enormous influence in making a warm, cozy living space. However, the best use of neutral palette of colours find the merge of the 2 environments, creating an amazingly relaxed home.

This project is envisioned by Migdal Arquitectos and regardless of the bold bulky silhouette, the interior tries to become as breezy and also as transparent as you can in an effort to focus the viewers focus on the breathtaking surroundings, the cliff view mansion having a golf course behind it uses big glass surfaces to make smooth transition between interior -exterior and public – private. Although house doesn‘t claim any sustainable features the focus in the direction of the surroundings and natural light is much appreciated so we want to hear your opinion about this.