Classical and Antique Villa Borgo La Stella

Very Awful Villa Borgo La Stella Architecture Design Ideas Interior Design Belgium based architect victoria maria geyer has redesign old tuscany villa into classical and contemporary style still look antique for Very Awful Villa Borgo La Stella Architecture Design Ideas Interior Design.

Borgo La Stella includes a rustic villa design which is touched up by Victoria-Maria Geyer. Clear blue sky becomes a pleasant background to bring the image of the ancient architectural majesty. Neat green grass and native plants show how lush the land of Radda, a countryside of Siena, Italy, that presents a magnificent rural commune like the relaxation place. Rough brick wall tells the old of the house model. Fenceless lot makes this home to become more welcoming for each soul that is looking for peaceful retreat.

Verdant surrounding is beneficial to the exterior performance. Clear glass windows and doors prove the makeover bringing fresh element to intrude the dull wall feature. Hyaline water of outdoor pool exudes the serenity. Four couches serve the swimmer seats for drying up body. Hilly view magnifies the joy to remain a little longer upon the open air floor by this pool. The greenery brings the nature beauty to accompany mooning time beneath the outdoor roof. This can be a flawless outdoor feature of rustic house design in rural area.

Coming closer towards the villa, round table is that the perfect furniture to line an enormous dinner for ten persons. Checking inside the interior, fashionable sofa grants contemporary seats for new comer. Careful arrangement revives this sitting room interior comfort. Keeping the initial house element, the addition of latest fashion accessories evokes a harmony within old model background. Tribal motif decors and furniture magnify this home ethnicity style.

Orange hue from the bedroom exudes a warm and inviting sleeping zone. Homely bed offers the sleepy eyes a pleasant place for dreaming. Ethnical rug breaks the monotonous floor with rich geometrical pattern. This dark shower chamber creates an important tone yet the freshness keep in contact with glass window presence. The stone banquette continues rustic architecture accent within the tough finishing base.

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