Black and White Bathroom Tiles

Jazz your plain black and white tile bathroom styles that complement this look. Many classic cartoon characters and certain themes may be a simple bathroom into your decorative masterpiece. Each color can blend well with black and white, so long as other accents to tie everything together. Select a main theme or combine different themes to produce a bathroom that really pops.

Mickey Mouse title

Possess a Mickey Mouse bathroom to match your black and white title. Find Mickey Mouse-themed towels, toothbrush holders along with other bath accessories. Hang on the Mickey Mouse shower curtain, together with framed pictures of Mickey and his friends or just simply Mickey. Place Mickey Mouse-themed rugs on the ground and decorate the countertop with ceramic Mickey figurines.

1950 Classic Cars

Black and white tile bathroom also can go well having a 1950 classic-car theme. Hang red, blue and black towels to car colors to supply represent. Place framed photos of colorful classic cars coming from the 1950s towards the wall. Insert a little car upon the counter top and look out for rugs inside the shape from the tires upon the bathroom floor. Each plain shower curtain works so long as the colors match the car’s inside the room.

Vintage Travel

A vintage travel theme blends well with basic white and black. Hang up pictures of old-fashioned traveling balloons, aircraft along with other vintage travel art. Look out for a shower curtain which features pictures of old planes or boats. Combine this setting with towel and changing colors that match the colors inside the pictures. Look out for vintage bathroom accessories for example soap dishes, hand-held mirror, toothbrush holders, trash cans and tissue box holders with antique shops.

Betty Boop

A Betty Boop theme can jazz up a black and white tile bathroom. Utilize the red towels, a Betty Boop shower curtain or perhaps a red shower curtain with black rings. Hang framed pictures of Betty Boop and glue silk red roses all around the frame, or use red ribbon for hanging roses in random spots upon the walls. Place Betty Boop soap holders, toothbrush holders, tissue boxes along with other bathroom decor in the counter. You could find these items online or in certain stores.