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Best Modern Architecture Design Ideas To Inspire You

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What‘s Architecture? Architecture is section of human culture, associated with various facets of life, among others : art, engineering, layout, design, geography, history. Points to See About art, architecture is the skill of building, including shapes and ornaments. Given by a technical point of view, architecture is really a system of building construction including the planning process, construction, structure, and during this case, also concerning facets of decoration and beauty.

Regarding space, architecture is that the fulfillment of space needs by humans or groups of individuals to carry out certain activities. Regarding history, culture, and geography, architecture is that the physical expression and cultural relic of the society inside the boundaries of a specific place and time.

Though obviously intended for living, the homes were designed by their respective architects as samples of purity of form and high artistic expression. Unfortunately, these aesthetic goals resulted in not-so-realistic living situations, now a lot of these houses function not as residences but as museums honoring visionary design, Such as the example below.

Located in Poitiers, France, this jagged glass structure is Le Kinémax, an IMAX cinema inside the future-themed amusement park Futuroscope. Designed by architect Denis Laming and opened in 1987 If you‘re interested, you are able to see some photos of modern architecture buildings below.
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