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Banquet Hall Design


The planning for our particular luxurious reception room was inspired by many of the world’s top Five-Star hotels and features a powerful and beautifully decorated large foyer – which makes it the ideal venue for many guests to mingle in comfortably. Perhaps one of the banquet hall’s greatest attributes is it’s accessible to all your guests, especially the elderly and also the handicapped.

The White Lotus Banquet consists of a giant and elegant ballroom, which may be divided into two smaller sound-proof rooms and offers fixed seating for longer than 1, 300 guests. Meanwhile, we provide ample parking for all your guests. We even have the capability and means to guest from as low as 100.

Banquet hall interior design offered comprise solutions handled by experienced industry professionals that have with these rich process knowledge along with expertise so that they can perfectly match up using the specific demands from the customers. Further, our expertise lies in coming up with different designs as per preferred interior layout choices of shoppers. A number of its features include solutions offered harmonizing elegance of present-day home decor ; stylish designs based presentation ; designed with various creative styles that satisfy the demands of aesthetic appeal & splendid looks.