Amazing House Design by Fernanda Marques

Fernanda Marques, perhaps one of the best interior designers in the sector, was born in Sao Paulo and graduated in architecture from the University of São Paulo. Early in her own career, this interior architect had the privilege to labor closely with Gian Carlo Gasperini, who’s considered perhaps one of the masters of contemporary architecture in Brazil. In 1990, she opened her own office – Fernanda Marques Architects – and that is seen like a channel on her multidisciplinary work. By covering a number of her best interior design projects, Boca do Lobo brings you 25 interior design sets signed by Fernanda Marques, to draw some inspiration

Charming ! That‘s the first impression from the modern open air house designs from Fernanda Marques. The outdoor living concept that uses by Fernanda Marques is come coming from the spirit of naturalist and also the right all the way down to earth theme. Arrived at this house is this type of natural journey to the planet that could never end. The contribution from the designer is make this house become the foremost recommended living space that many of us can choose. There are many home space using this place that many of us looking out. The outdoor living room space of the house will welcome us and produce us looking out another recommendation of the living room given by a house space.

The welcoming affection of the place is come coming from the mixture of both the most design from the living room and also the interior exterior from the house, It comes with an unusual combination using this house that many of us can cheat out. The library bedroom combination plans that show the initial and cozy space for all those people that adore to learn out lots of science and spend the free time with enhance the knowledge. Both library space and bedroom is show the naturalistic style from the designer but still support the idea of both right all the way down to earth and naturalist. Require a special space for read a book? This wooden outdoor library landscaping is that the right answer.