50+ Adorable Exterior House Porch Ideas Using Stone Columns

Concentrating on natural stone for countertops and finishes within the home, we sometimes forget that stone has many additional uses. It can provide a wonderfully smooth surface in a kitchen application, but the same natural stone can appear in many other places without the need for having a smooth finish, allowing it to remain in its unaltered state.

Natural stone fits well both outside and inside of the home. Using stone as a part of the outside entry design to the house gives an aesthetically pleasing greeting to every visitor. Unless your home is located where winters are severe, stone makes for excellent patios, decks, and porticos. Any project that uses natural stone is unique from any other and will be a proud improvement to any decor.

If you have a brick home, you can find natural stone that will compliment almost any color the masonry might be. Other ranges of color may be found in variations of rocks and rock types that will fit in well with any natural tone of brick.

Because of its beauty and versatility, stone looks great with any type of veneer you might have on your home. Wood exteriors are a natural to use with stone, and vinyl siding looks more attractive when there’s a mixture of stone added in.