30+ Amazing Japanese Rock Garden Ideas For Beautiful Home Yard

The Japanese rock garden or Karesansui, meaning the dry landscape or Zen garden is among those styles within the Western garden. This sort of park doesn’t use water. The natural landscape is portrayed with rocks and sand symbolizing ponds and ponds.

The viewer is asked to imagine the white sand and dirt would be the water’s surface. The bridge has been built to provide the impression of a flow of water beneath. Patterns on the sand are organized using a bamboo rake to signify the flow of water.
The stones in the garden in use for a cover or cover of ornamental plants in baskets are awarded color in a means in the colorful paint.

Like the image above, as an instance, among those Japanese gardens, besides the purchase price of stone and the choice of the correct plants may add a very interesting belief. But if you don’t enjoy the motif above you can see another image below.

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