10 Essential features of Modern Kitchens


Modern kitchen designs are one of the few home upgrades that provide both value and utility. Whether you perform a modest update or a major kitchen remodel, the ultimate product will be liked and utilized daily. Modern kitchens are in high demand nowadays. When considering a comprehensive remodel or merely improving your kitchen’s use, some components should not be disregarded.

1. Geometry

No, not math… Although you may need to go back to school to present one of the most important components of modern kitchens. The days of flowery or abstract tiles are gone… The focus today is on angular shapes and boxes. Geometric shapes are increasingly ubiquitous in our kitchens, whether on lighting fixtures, furniture, worktops, wall décor, or windows. It’s up to you how far you take it… You may either go simple with a geometric backsplash or go dramatic with a diamond tiled floor.


While comfortable, homey kitchens are still popular, the industrial aesthetic is gaining popularity. Steel appliances are the most common and easiest method to get the appearance. They are also typically excellent quality, long lasting, and easy to clean. Stainless steel cooktops, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, vent hoods, and faucets are readily accessible and can instantly update your kitchen. Look for appliances with modern control panels to keep the futuristic motif going.

3. Sleek

Sleek is the word. Avoid elaborate finishes and bar-shaped hardware in favor of sleek, clean lines in stainless steel, brushed nickel, or chrome. Fussy is out, and sleek is in. The minimalistic appearance should be reflected in every detail: avoid using knobs on cabinet doors in favor of simple handles, and add clean, sleek, and contemporary furniture like simple bar stools or clean-cut leather seats.

4. Nature-inspired

Creating an expanded living space that merges the interior and outside is becoming increasingly popular. While we don’t recommend planting a tree in your kitchen, search for ways to incorporate natural elements into your décor. This might include using natural materials whenever feasible, in addition to incorporating plants. Contemporary features include honed or flamed granite countertops, wood cabinets, and glass cabinet inserts, shelving, and light fixtures.

5. Lines horizontales

Modern kitchens have horizontal lines. For a genuinely contemporary look, keep workstations, layouts, flooring, backsplashes, and tile accents linear. Worktops, cabinetry, and flooring all follow the pattern. According to Line For An Architect, horizontal lines tend to lengthen and extend, making the kitchen appear larger and more integrated with the rest of the home.

6. Color

Prepare to be disappointed if you like pastels. Colors like yellow, pink, green, and blue may make your kitchen feel warm and inviting, but they don’t belong in a modern kitchen. The new style, says Cayon Creek, is primarily about vivid hues. This doesn’t imply you have to paint your walls purple; a crisp, clean white would perfectly compliment the sleek, minimalist appearance. You may either use all-white or add some strong highlights in dramatic blues, reds, or purples.

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7. Island

The days of a large kitchen table dominating the space are gone. Tables are gone (or at least considerably reduced in size) and enormous multi-functional islands are in. Islands add more cooking, prep, and dining space without detracting from the clean, cohesive design of contemporary kitchens. Kids may do schoolwork on the island while parents prepare dinner. The space once occupied by the standalone kitchen table is now usually utilised for seats.

8. Light-Layering

Kitchen lighting used to be restricted to one single overhead light. A single pendant over the kitchen island no longer suffices in today’s multi-functional kitchen. That example, using multi-layered lighting in a single space to light up different areas for different purposes (such sitting in a chair, cooking at the kitchen island, or completing schoolwork at the table). If you still rely on your primary light fixture for all of your lighting needs, adding a few accent and task lights may completely transform your kitchen’s appearance and functionality.

9. Full cabinetry

Full cabinetry is increasingly the storage solution of choice due to its superior space and appearance. Look for white wood cabinets (mahogany or walnut are fantastic possibilities) with full overlay slab panel door and drawer fronts.

10. Integration

Dishwashers, refrigerators, and sinks are all becoming increasingly integrated. A stainless steel run on sink completes the clean, personalized design of the modern kitchen.