10 Creative DIY House Number Display | Make Your Home Look More Stylish

Update your home decor, especially how it looks from the outside. Somebody might be tired of the fact that you give your friends directions and the house number, but they can’t find it. The good news is that we found some really cool ideas for DIY house numbers that you must see.

These ideas are better than anything you could buy in a store. They’ll be at the top of your project list. If you want to make your own house number, I think these ideas are better than anything you could buy at a hardware store or somewhere else. Make a good first impression when your guests come to the front door, and make sure the Amazon delivery people know where to leave the boxes.

Creative Modern House Number DIY with fake fauz grass

Make this house number with fake grass, wood, screws, and glue. Make the number white so it looks different from the grass. With a bright number on your house, anyone can see your house. This is easy and beautiful.

Rustic Wooden Display number diy
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Use simple plywood boards as the background for a rustic number display.

Hung From a Ribbon display number diy

When you put this picture frame on your front door, it will look nice.

planter box diy display home number

You’ll love this house number for your home because it looks great. The planter box makes it look and feel natural and fresh to fill the space with plants. There is a dark walnut box planter that goes well with the white number and name.

wooden modern display number wall diy decor

A different modern house number design is here for you to choose from. This is a good wall to put on the outside of your house. The texture is made from some wood, which makes it look and taste more real and sweet.

Pumpkin Topiary home display number DIY

Make a topiary out of white pumpkins for a fun fall display.

galvanized circle wall planter diy house number display

To make this display house number, you need to get an extra large galvanized circle wall planter and the house numbers you want to use. Then, make sure you have white spray paint, glue, primer, and a ruler to help you paint. Then, add a box planter inside to make it look better.

Repurposed Window Display number diy

Display your house numbers in a small, vintage window.


Install house numbers on the stair riser of your front porch for a clean and minimalist look.

Modern Metal And Wood Numbers display DIY

The rustic image is enhanced by the backdrop of painted stir sticks fastened to a wooden board for increased stability. The gleaming metal digits, on the other hand, provide a touch of contemporary to this stylish house number sign.

Flower Tower DIY House Numbers Display

On your front porch, stack 2-3 planters on top of one other and paint the house numbers in a contrasting color on one of them. To make the most of the natural greens and flowers, choose modest hues for the planters.